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Accountants can seem costly, especially when you are first starting out, but sometimes all you need is a bookkeeper. Jigsaw’s fees are far more achievable for start-ups and growing businesses – and from day one, we can get right into the nitty gritty of your operations and help guide you through some of the common pitfalls start-ups and established businesses encounter.

At Jigsaw, we offer several back-office services which can be tailored to your unique business needs. Whichever service level you choose, our hands-on Account Managers will always keep your business in mind when industry, statutory or technology changes happen.

All our bookkeeping services use the latest cloud accounting software, which is offered to our clients at a discounted price.

Bookkeeping packages include:

Bookkeeping Jigsaw Consulting


This option means the client will perform their bookkeeping entries. Jigsaw will implement monthly data entry checks and will provide any feedback accordingly. We can provide you with reports you need from your software and help with anything you need assistance with that month.

We want to give you the flexibility of saving costs but also getting the right things in the right place at the right time.

Who is this for:

This option is aimed at those who want to be accountable but have the capacity to do the bookkeeping themselves. The Client option works well with Jigsaw’s Advisory Service, which is outlined here.


Jigsaw will perform all bookkeeping entries weekly (or monthly upon request), including bank reconciliations, debtor and creditor management, VAT returns & payroll if applicable. You will receive a weekly report pack outlining the highlights and providing key information on your business. We will check in with you on a frequency that works for you and ensure we are up to date with your business activity and goals.

Who is this for: This package works well for enterprises that want to have cumbersome financial tasks taken off their hands so that they can focus on their business priorities. Usually, businesses that have grown out of their startup phase now need to outsource the finance area to free up time to concentrate elsewhere.


This package includes everything from the standard level, budget setting, management accounts, quarterly variance analysis, and financial commentary and forecasting. If you think you want to report on it, we will give you a report. Any KPI (Key Performance Indicator) you want to see in a weekly, monthly, or quarterly report can be shown in a format that works for you. We accompany our reports with video calls so you can discuss it all with your Account Manager.  

Who is this for: This package is perfect for businesses out of the start-up phase and ready to make strategic, timely decisions. Jigsaw will perform and present a quarterly financial analysis of your business, ensuring you’re accountable for your business goals and aspirations.

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Any of the above services can be uniquely tailored to your business’ needs and goals – we want to fit into your business, not the other way around.

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