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Business Advisory

At Jigsaw, we can help keep your business accountable. Our advisory services can be tailored to your business – whatever your needs, we can support you on your journey.

We can analyze your business’ financial position deeply, analysing your areas of interest. We can provide commentary on bookkeeping, suggestions to monetise other areas, and advice on expenditure savings – identifying problems and brainstorming ideas for resolve, working closely with you and your team throughout the process.

Our Advisory Services also extend beyond financial analysis – at Jigsaw, we can work with you to digitally transform your business, working closely with industry professionals to help transform your systems and processes and make them more efficient in the process.

Require a specific or bespoke report that tells you what you need to know on just one page. Jigsaw can engage with the relevant software providers – obtaining all the data you need and presenting it in a digestible and user-friendly format.

Do you feel you need a quarterly check-in with someone who can keep you on track with your business goals? Let Jigsaw know what you want to achieve and when, and we can help you stay in line and keep those financial and non-financial goals in sight.

If you are a transformation business looking to move from Sole Trader to Ltd Co or from Excel to cloud accounting, for example, you are perfect for Jigsaw. It is our speciality. We can advise on the best cloud accounting software for you and then we will work with you to get that set up in the way that gives you the reports you want and need. We can then step away and leave you to it or check in with some regular health checks or even stay involved and take care of the books for you.

Contact us today or book a free 30-minute discovery call today to find out more:

Contact us today or book a free 30-minute discovery call today to find out more:

Business Advisory: Case Study

Mr X & Mr Y approached me to do something about their bookkeeping. They were using the big red ledger books and duplicate books for sales invoices. Mr X was manually adding up every purchase invoice and every sales invoice in a rush at the end of every quarter in order to be able to submit VAT returns accurately. When Jigsaw got involved, they were visibly relieved to not have to worry about it anymore. Jigsaw implemented Xero and got the years’ worth of data since incorporation on and reconciled. Created a procedure manual, got an accountant involved, got an insurance broker involved which saved them money, created a monthly Management Report pack, created a Debtors Management process that meant their cashflow was always as it should be, implemented a card machine (and then implemented another one when there was a better option available to them) and we have been able to provide them with weekly reports since then to highlight where their business is. We even go down twice a year to manage their filing and archiving!

Mr X & Mr Y can now turn up and work each day and do the work they want to do, which wasn’t the books, and leave knowing that it is all taken care of in the background by Jigsaw.

We are the point of contact for most of their suppliers and professional relationships and we advise on any grants that are available to them or industry changes that may affect them. We are an extension of their team, and they turn to us for any financial or business-related query they have, which is exactly what we love about working with them.

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Our advisory services can be uniquely tailored to your business’ needs and goals – we want to fit into your business, not the other way around.

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